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Home Report Linguistics 2013/003L - The articulation of Norwegian retroflexes

PostHeaderIcon 2013/003L - The articulation of Norwegian retroflexes

Stausland Johnsen, S. 2013. The articulation of Norwegian retroflexes. Journal of Phonetics, 41(1): 56-58.

DOI: 10.1016/j.wocn.2012.09.004

Abstract: In an articulatory study of Norwegian retroflexes, SMC [Simonsen, H. G., Moen, I., & Cowen, S. (2008). Norwegian retroflex stops in a cross linguistic perspective. Journal of Phonetics 36, 385–405] report that one speaker produced his retroflexes as alveolars. I argue here that the data presented in SMC show that all speakers produced their retroflexes as postalveolars, in agreement with earlier descriptions in the literature.