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Please fill in all fields (mandatory ones marked with *). This form applies for registration to AISV (even in the case of membership renewal), and for early registration to Lecce2023 Conference (University of Salento, Lecce, Italy - February 15 - 17.2023).

In the case of joint AISV-ISCA registration, please add up the two fees together (see the table in the dedicated page accessible through the left menu, or click here).

At the end of the procedure you will receive an email with a summary of the data sent and instructions on how to pay the fees.

We remind you to please send a copy of the payment to AISV secretariat (see instructions in the email you receive).

General information

Please, if possible, pay via bank transfer.
If not known, please select "I do not want to register".
Subscription to the Forensic Linguistics Observatory (OLF, ex Forensic Phonetics Group, GFF) is optional. To subscribe also to the OLF mailing-list, please fill in the form on the following webpage:

Personal Information

+39xxxxxxx, +41xxxxxx etc.
+39xxxxxxx, +41xxxxxx etc.

Registration to Lecce2023 Conference

The payment of the conference registration fees will be possible until January 30th 2023. After this date, the registration to the conference will still be possible on-site with an extra fee of 25€ which adds up to the regular registration fees.

The conference registration fee adds up to the AISV membership fee as above selected. Even students and/or PhD students without scholarship participating as co-authors pay the registration fee for the conference.
For organizational needs we would like to know if you intend to attend the social dinner (ca. 50,00€). The amount will be collected on-site at the conference registration desk.
If you have special dietary needs (allergies, intolerances etc.) please, tell us by using the "Notes for the secretariat" field at the bottom of this form.

Additional Information

Information on protection of privacy and data processing

The Association will treat your personal data in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/03 (privacy), ensuring the confidentiality and data protection. Purposes and methods of treatment. The data will be used by the persons entrusted by the Association, exclusively for institutional purposes, management of memberships and for the fulfillment of legal obligations. The applicant's name, date of birth, address, phone and email are required for the management of membership and to the fulfillment of legal obligations. The provision of other data is optional. The processing of data will be carried out on paper and by computer, with the adoption of security measures required by law. The data will not be disclosed to third parties nor diffused. Only your name and your last name will be published on the page listing the members of AISV on this website. The data holder is the Italian Association for Speech Sciences. Sensitive data. The processing of sensitive data ex art. 1, letter d of the Italian Code will be carried out within the limits of the authorization of the Italian Guarantor n. 2/08 and n. 3/08, and their subsequent amendments.

To register to AISV authorization to the processing of data is mandatory.


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