The conference registration fees are as follows:

  • Full rate (including postdocs and PhD students with a scholarship): € 110
  • Reduced rate (graduate and undergraduate students and PhD students with no scholarship): € 60

Participants to the conference who do not have a talk or a poster can register at a discounted rate:

  • full online (not applicable to presenters): 85 €
  • reduced online (not applicable to presenters): 35 €

It will be possible to also register to ISCA, by paying either 45 € (full) or 16 € (reduced). In this case, the rates (comprehensive of AISV and ISCA) will be:

  • full: 155 €
  • reduced: 76 €
  • full online (not applicable to presenters): 130 €
  • reduced online (not applicable to presenters): 51 €

AItLA members who will participate to the AItLA 2022 conference can register to AISV 2022 at a discounted rate (20 €)

 Online registration are open and accessible to the following link   

The deadline for online registration has been postponed. The new closing date is March 13th. After this date, registration will only be possible on site with an extra 30-euro fee. 

The conference official languages are English and Italian. Oral and poster presentations can be held in Italian but must be accompanied by a .ppt/.pptx presentation or a poster in English, so as to ensure as much interaction as possible between participants coming from different countries and speaking different languages.