The aim of the conference is thus to provide an interdisciplinary context that fosters communication among scholars from different fields who are interested in the study of oral language.

We invite contributions on normophasic and pathological speech related to:

  • Segmental and prosodic characteristics
  • Phonetic and phonological features concerning dialects or regional varieties of national languages
  • Characteristics of dialogical interaction and pathology specificity
  • Aspects related to sociophonetic variation according to genre, age, social class or “community of practice” and impact on pathological and non-pathological speech
  • Speech accuracy and intelligibility in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, and in dysarthria
  • Pathology progression and oral language characteristics in neurodegenerative/dementia diseases
  • Collection and use of corpora and databases for the acoustic and articulatory analysis of nonpathological and pathological speech
  • Speech technologies and linguistic analysis
  • Speech technologies, early diagnosis and staging of neurodegenerative diseases and dysarthria

In line with the tradition of the AISV conferences, proposals of studies "on a free topic" concerning any aspect of voice and speech research, will also be welcomed.