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Associazione Italiana di Scienze della Voce - SIG ISCA International Speech Communication Association

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Before leaving


Before leaving make sure you have read and done what follows!

  1. indicate us a mobilephone number we can use to contact you on the meeting day should the need arise (Sunday the 25th, 17:00 at the Airport, 17:30 at the central railway station).
  2. write down and take with you the mobilephone numbers we sent you in one of our last emails: contacts us if you have problems or if you expect you are going to arrive late at the given pick up point;
  3. concerning clinics: please do not forget to send your requirements and speech samples (including annotations if available). We could try to use them to prepare exercises;
  4. bring your own laptop and your own headphones;
  5. check the suggested readings and indicated prerequisites, upload the school materials on your laptop and install the software required for the lessons (see "school materials");
  6. do not forget to bring a power adapter if different from Italian standards (see description in "venue and logistics");
  7. there will be very limited printing possibilities, so please arrange most of what you need to be printed in advance;
  8. we decided to eliminate the usual poster session in which students present their researches, however if you want to introduce yourself to the lecturers and to other colleagues, please prepare an handout and take it printed in about 20 copies with you, there will be many occasions to distribute and discuss it;
  9. in order to prepare a proper certificate of attendance, please let us know what information is required from your doctoral school to recognize the didactic activities. Some institutions require the specific list of lessons and number of offered hours of training, other schools convert our activities into credits only if a final exam is held. We can arrange things to fit with your requirements, but we have to organize ourself in time;
  10. during the summer school, lunch and dinner will consist mainly of fish: please inform us if you have alimentary needs we should be aware of;
  11. do not forget swimsuit and related accessories.
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