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PostHeaderIcon Proposing a summer school

In order to propose an AISV summer school or training school, a downloadable template model is available in the Forms section, under Documents.

As a general guide, in order to propose a summer school, you need:

  • To specify a subject of interest to the association;
  • To present a detailed programme;
  • The programme must include lessons timetable, a name list of teachers (max 5), each providing his/her CV, and a list of minimum 20 pre-enrolments;
  • The main objective of the summer school is a teaching close examination; make sure on a formal written basis that teachers must be able to take part to the summer school for the entire length of the programme (generally five days) and that an adequate number of hours of practical and debate/discussion must be provided accordingly;
  • To subscribe the clause that teaching materials and resources (i.e. PPT, PDF, DOC, etc…) are OPENSOURCE and can be distributed by AISV according to its aims and scope;
  • To choose, if possible, OPENSOURCE softwares for practicals use;

To send the proposal to the summer school coordinator.

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