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  • AISV 2011 Conference

    7th AISV National Conference, January 26th-28th 2011, Sala Conferenze Rettorato dell'Università del Salento – Lecce"Communicative context and variability in language production and perception"organized in collaboration with AISV by Conference website: ...
  • Welcome!

    The new completely revised AISV website is now on-line. On this site you will find everything about the Italian Association for Speech Sciences, such as its objectives, the AISV board, its current members, how to become an AISV member etc. In the Docs s...
  • Nascita del Gruppo di Interesse di Fonetica Forense

    Nasce ufficialmente il Gruppo di Fonetica Forense (GFF) Sito web del GFF La richiesta e la proposta di istituire un gruppo di interesse di Fonetica Forense giunge dai partecipanti alla 3a Scuola Est...
  • Remembering Peter Ladefoged

    Obituary for Peter Ladefoged (1925-2006)by Amedeo De Dominicis Peter Ladefoged died suddenly on January 24, 2006, at the age of 80 in London, on his way home from field work in India. He was born on September 17, 1925, in Sutton, Surrey, England. In 1951...